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Types of DUI laws in different aspects

Apart from punishing those who are drunk or under influence of certain other drugs while driving, the DUI law is also extended to various other fields as well. In case of commercial truck drivers there are certain set of strict DUI rules that they must follow. These truck drivers must abide to DUI rules that are much stricter than those that are followed by the non-commercial motorists. There are severe punishments as well that included suspension of drivers’ license for at least two years. There are certain types of DUI that you should know about.

Aggravated DUI

The term aggravated DUI is related to such a scenario when you are breaking the law in more than one way like driving under the influence of drugs that to while you are speeding. In such cases the DUI charges also become worst very quickly. To know more about this goes to the page Engel.

Drunk biking

If you are under the influence of drugs and you are driving on your bike or bicycles that is any other vehicle other than car then also u will be punished under the DUI law.

Commercial DUI regulations

When you are drunk driving while you are in possession of a commercial driver’s license then you will be charged under the commercial DUI regulations.

Felony DUI

This type of DUI happens when you are convicted of with another DUI aggravated factor and there is the presence of other factors as well like that of driving on revoked license or driving in that condition while having a children in the vehicle.

DUI manslaughter and DUI murder

When you are drunk driving or driving under the influence of some other drug then it might happen that you run over a pedestrian or cause an accident that might take the life of another person. In that case you will charge under DUI manslaughter and DUI murder.When you are drunk driving or driving under the influence of some other drug then it might happen that you run over a pedestrian or cause an accident that might take the life of another person. In that case you will charge under DUI manslaughter and DUI murder. When you are charged under the DUI murder then you will be prosecuted and the prosecution need to prove three things that included that the death resulted from an act of intention, to the human life the natural consequences of this act is dangerous and harmful and also the act was committed by the driver in a known state of mind with consciousness that is a disregard to the human life.

A fun night can some time turn into a horrible experience if you are not careful enough. If you are re charged under the DUI law, then the first offense of this DUI is a process which is termed as misdemeanor. This term generally means those crimes that are not that serious in comparison to felonies. They also do not involve the punishment of serving prison time.

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