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Needs of a school for proper education

Every country has its own set of academic records. The aim of any school is to produce good and brilliant set of students. They follow many tactics to withhold this, but many fail to do so. This is because, students today are interested in practical training than theoretical. It is sad that, some schools in India are still following the theoretical based way of teaching the students which does no good to the students at all whatsoever. It is important that schools should understand the necessity of practical training, as it is the easiest way on can teach a child anything under the sky. Practical knowledge not only makes the child excel in the subject, but it will make him or her remember the concept throughout the life. Academics is not the one that is to be learnt for every term and forgotten as the grades increase, it is something that a student learns for life, be it academics or lessons leant in school. It is important for this knowledge to be permanent and understood properly.

Extracurricular activities

It is essential to have extracurricular activities scheduled for the children now and then. This way they get encouraged to do things they are best at and are not dumped and pressurized with only academics. Sometimes extracurricular can be a part of academics which is the way of practical training. Playing and learning should go hand in hand. Playing increases focus and concentration and can make a child refreshed for the next class. It is as important as having a second language. Second language is a language that children study at school apart from their mother tongue.

Second language

Schools should make foreign language compulsory for its students. Learning a foreign language not only gives students the confidence to speak in a language that is different from the mother tongue but is an added advantage for them in the future. When it comes to Singapore, there are many schools which has interesting chinese language programmes. These programs will not only help children to learn a language, but these activities also teach them the cultures of a whole new language. Every language has a culture. A language is well learnt only when its culture is known. One can learn about the culture of china and its diversity, through the interesting chinese language programmes. It not only gives the children the knowledge of a new language but also its tradition and people living in it. It is a tremendous advantage for them when they travel to china itself.

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